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Edmonton Traffic Camera Help and FAQ

  1. I was involved in a traffic collision.
    Is there any way to view a recording of a traffic camera at a particular intersection?

    The City of Edmonton does not record any video footage from the traffic cameras.
    The video streams are intended to provide real-time traffic information for travelers.

  2. I’m having a problem viewing the traffic cameras. Which software do I need to install?
    The traffic camera website requires Java and Flash software. Both are available online as free downloads for both Mac and PC.

  3. One of the cameras appears to not be working correctly, or is displaying
    “This camera is currently unavailable”. When will it be back online?

    The traffic camera may be under regular maintenance or we are troubleshooting the problem.
    The cameras are monitored and checked each weekday, so reporting a problem with a specific camera is unnecessary.
    If a camera is being used by the Traffic Management Centre to manage traffic incidents (e.g. collisions), that camera will be temporarily unavailable to the public.

  4. I’m still having issues viewing the video streams on the website.
    Can the City of Edmonton help me troubleshoot the problem?

    Due to the large number of variables that could be causing the problem, the City of Edmonton cannot troubleshoot specific computer problems. If you have reviewed this FAQ and are still experiencing problems, please contact your local internet service provider or retail store where the computer was purchased for assistance.

  5. Can I view the traffic cameras from my mobile phone
    or tablet (iPhone, Blackberry, Android)?

    The traffic camera website is not currently configured for viewing on mobile phones or tablets.

  6. I have a question about red light or speed-on-green (intersection safety) cameras.
    For inquiries related to red light or speed-on-green (intersection safety) cameras please phone the Office of Traffic Safety at 780-496-5656.

  7. Can you please install a traffic camera at a particular location?
    The traffic camera locations are chosen to optimize their use in the Traffic Management Centre.

  8. Why can’t I select the view that I want to see by clicking on the typical views?
    The traffic cameras physically rotate through a series of views approximately every 30 seconds. The typical views cannot be selected and are provided only as a reference to help determine which view is currently being displayed.

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